Friday, January 9, 2015

Day Nine -- January 9th, 2015

Shadows On the Pond

After the bitter cold of the past couple of days, we got a bit of snow today.  Maybe an inch, but it was something.  [Yay, as I love snow.]  Anyway, was a tough day to get out and get my picture of the day.  Weekdays are hard.  But, the trusty iPhone comes through.   Since we had the cold weather the backyard pond is frozen over.  Well, I should say not completely frozen over.  That would kill the fish.  The pond has a surface heater which maintains a small hole so that gases from the pond (decomposing leaves, fish waste, etc) can escape.  I framed the photo so the hole is not visible.

Anyway, what you're seeing here is the shadow of the fence around the pond from a light in the distance.  Why the fence around the pond?  Nasty raccoons who like to reach  in and eat my pond plants. The particularly like the water hyacinth.  Not a problem this time of year, but the fence has become year round.  

The round orbs at the top of the photo are some of the beach stones, courtesy of East Beach in Westport, which line the waterfall.

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