Monday, January 5, 2015

Day Five - January 5th, 2015

Canada Goose

As I walked from my car to work this morning the sun was in and out of the clouds.  I tried to get a good landscape photo (more on that later),  but I settled on the abundant Canada Geese that were present along the river.  There were many.  Is is one of four that paddled over to visit.  This one showed me the most detail so he/she gets the photo of the day tag.  

Here's the quartet

As I mentioned the sun was in and out of the clouds and I was hoping for a decent landscape with the early morning sun.  I like this one, but the "lens flare" troubled me.  I did a bit of research on that issue and learned how to hopefully avoid it next time.  While the shot isn't what I wanted, I learned something, and that's what a 365 Project is all about.  

Looking South

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