Monday, January 19, 2015

Cool Jazz (19/365)

Cool Jazz

I've been struggling to not take the same type picture each week day as I walk to/from work.  A friend of mine commented the other day on a photo I had posted to my project.  She mentioned a pub we used to frequent.  Well,  the Custom House Tavern is it.  I knew there was still a sign despite the Custom House Tavern having been closed for many many years.  So, my thought about this week is that I'll take pictures of various business signs.  Not all of them will be as ornate as this one,  but it should be fun, just the same.

As to the Custom House Tavern, as I said, it's long closed and has never been occupied since it closed.  The Tavern was a place many of us in our single days would meet for a beer or wine, and enjoy an  evening of cool jazz,  If I recall the place had open mic on Wednesday and Sundays.   It was a dark basement type bar, just the kind I like.  

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