Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Playing Paparazzi (35/365)

Ryan Reynolds

As I was walking back to my hotel room in New York City, I noticed that the David Letterman show was about to start taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater.  Having seen the same thing on Monday when I arrived, I decided to take a stroll  to the side entrance to the theater where the guest are shuttled to/from their cars.  I found a throng of "paparazzi".  In the opposite side of this picture are the real photographers, with the autograph hounds on the side I stood on.  It was an interesting crowd.   They obviously do this on  a regular basis.  One guy I had seen on Monday at the Seth Meyer's taping as I walked through 30 Rock. (Hard to imagine you could see and recognize someone in two locations of NYC.)   Another guy was scrolling through  pics on his phone of selfie's with numerous stars.  They must go from venue to venue.   I thought it rather amusing.  

Here's a crop of the same pic for any Ryan Reynolds fans.  Full disclosure:  I had to look up on the web who he was.  Guess I'm getting old.  


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