Friday, December 26, 2014

Latke Party

Sally, Una and I were the fortunate invitees to our friend Amy's annual Latke Party.  What fun.  The tradition is to make and cook, then of course, eat the Hanukkah favorite latke.

Growing up in San Francisco, and attending Catholic school 1-12, I know very little of Jewish traditions.  I was thrilled to learn about making latke, as well as the lighting of the menorah, and the celebration of Hanukkah.

Here are a few shots from the party.  I look forward to doing this again next year.


On the left is Chef Sally with our host Amy in the background overseeing her technique.  You can see the purple bowl of the uncooked latke in the middle left.  I swear that bowl never seemed to decrease in content.  Oh, and the right picture is yours truly demonstrating my one-handed flip.  :-)


On the left latke in the making.  On the right, the finished delicious product.  

We finally found the bottom of the bowl.  


After the cooking was done, it was time to learn the tradition and to light the Menorah.  

The treasured recipe handed down from Amy's mother.  One of those grease stains is surely from one of my early attempts at a one-handed flip.

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