Thursday, January 2, 2014

More on Walking to Work

I've mentioned before that I enjoy walking from my parking space to my office.  I get to walk through some of the historic Providence homes on Benefit St, along the Providence River, and get to see the Providence skyline.  Today, I captured a couple of shots to share.

First, as we have fresh snow, I stopped to look at some footsteps in a driveway.  Upon more detailed examination, it seemed a bunny had passed by shortly before I did.

When I got to the waters edge I was pleased to see that the Mergansers had returned.  They were too far out into the river to capture with my phone, but I'll bring the better camera now that I know they are around.  The skyline I captured was blurred from the falling snow, but still a nice sight with the boardwalk and it's blue lights (some unfortunately burnt out).  Anyway, that's today's walk.

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